About the Production

With behind the scenes access to some of NASA’s latest designs and most dynamic leaders, MISSION ASTEROID joins astronauts and researchers as they travel from the lab to the field, testing the technologies and techniques that will help make the asteroid mission a reality.

The doc was shot in locations across North America, from the Haughton Mars Project in the Canadian High Arctic, to key NASA facilities like the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, the Marshall Space Flight Centre in Huntsville and the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena.

It features interviews with some of the foremost authorities on asteroids, including: Donald K. Yeomans, leader of the NASA Asteroid Watch team; key team players like Paul Chodas and Paul Abell; impact experts Jay Melosh of Purdue University and Alan Hildebrand of the CSA; and Pascal Lee, who works on the front lines of NASA’s analogue missions, testing the equipment that will be used in space.

We also meet the entrepreneurs who are racing to cash in on the next gold rush – mining asteroids. Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries have both made plans, but who will be the first to find the mother lode? And will mines lead to settlements – stepping-stones to the outer limits?

MISSION ASTEROID combines astounding computer graphics, historical footage, interviews and on-site action to tell the story of the expanding global asteroid effort. Timely and tension-filled, but ultimately offering a message of hope, it is an essential documentary for anyone interested in space, asteroids, and the long-term survival of the human species.

MISSION ASTEROID is a production of First Canyon Media Inc., in cooperation with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Canada Media Fund. International distribution by eOne Entertainment.